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  • How much does it cost to have windows cleaned professionally?
    This will depend on the size of your property and the number of windows you have but is often cheaper than you think. A regular window clean on a 3 bedroom detached house can start from £15.
  • Is professional window cleaning worth it?
    Yes. Some of the benefits of clean windows include: Enhancing your homes appearance, allowing more natural light into your home, extends the life of your windows, eliminates mould and decreases allergens, reduces the attraction of insects to your home.
  • What do professionals use to clean windows?
    Some use ‘traditional’ methods which involve a mop and blade technique, others use the modern ‘reach and wash’ or ‘water fed pole’ system. The ‘reach and wash’ system is a safer system for the window cleaner as their feet stay firmly on the ground. The use of ‘pure water’ also results in a better, longer clean of the windows.
  • How much should you pay for your gutters to be cleaned?
    Beware, there is a difference between ‘gutter cleaning’ and ‘gutter clearance’. Gutter cleaning is where the outside edge of the gutter is cleaned, where as gutter clearance is the removal of all debris from inside the gutters. The cost for both gutter cleaning and gutter clearance is usually priced ‘per meter’ and this can range from £2 – £5 per meter depending on the type and size of the property.
  • How do professionals clean gutters?
    Professionals use a combination of ‘reach and wash’ technology and high suction vacuum systems to clean and clear gutters.
  • What does a gutter clean include?
    A gutter clean can either mean the washing of the external side of the gutters, or removing debris from the gutter channel, or both.
  • How do you clean soffit and facias?
    Soffits and facias are cleaned using a ‘reach and wash’ or ‘water fed pole’ system. Some professional external property cleaners will apply a pre-spray (called RTF) which helps remove stubborn dirt, algae and other build ups, to leave clean ‘like new’ soffits and facias.
  • What is fascia cleaning?
    This is cleaning the fascia part of the roof / gutter area using a ‘reach and wash’ or ‘water fed pole’ system.
  • How much should I pay for soffit and fascia cleaning?
    Fascia and Soffit cleaning is usually priced ‘per meter’ and this can range from £2 – £5 per meter depending on the type and size of the property.
  • What is the difference between fascias and soffits?
    Fascia boards are the front facing part of the system where the roof meets the building, soffits are the under side area of the same point.
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